Multifaceted and gentlemanly smooth Alternative Pop and R&B singer/songwriter, Glenn Travis, was destined to be apart of the music scene since birth. Raised by a piano-playing father and choir-singing mother, Glenn found himself engulfed by the melodies of music from an early age. Drawing influences from genres & musicians ranging from jazz, gospel, and soul, to the likes of Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Frank Ocean, and Justin Timberlake, Glenn Travis began recording on his own at the age of 15 with a determination to not only succeed as a musician, but also thrive as one of the best. 

With a mesmerizing voice that’s adept to hitting all the perfect notes, Glenn Travis’ talents as an artist have proved impossible for any listener to deny. Honing in on love, hope and the creation of timeless moments through his music allowed Travis to find a formula for success and gain a following, which in turn, gave him the confidence to pack his bags and drive cross-country from his small hometown, Walker Louisiana, to the city of Los Angeles in late October 2016. In early 2017, with the release of his soul bearing and nostalgically romantic breakout-single, “Feel my Love,” Glenn Travis found the resonation with his fan base he’d been searching for. 

Continuing his momentum in August 2017, Glenn Travis released his debut, self-written, 15-track album “Prelude.” Since its release, “Prelude,” has been widely received and further solidified Glenn Travis’ rise. With songs like “Blind,” “Self Motivated,” and, “All The Way,” Glenn Travis effortlessly showcases his versatility as an artist as well as his ability to mesh with any instrumental. Currently touring and working on new music, Glenn Travis is forging a style and career all his own.